How To Deactivate Auto Renewal of Etisalat Data Plan

Disabling the Etisalat auto renewal of data plan has been a problem, for Millions of Etisalat subscribers round the globe today. I want to show you, the step by step procedures, which shows you, how to deactivate auto renewal of Etisalat data plan.

For Users, who have subscribed either for the Etisalat Daily Plan, Monthly or Yearly Data plan, but won’t want it to be renewed, here’s how to stop etisalat data plan auto renewal. I personally have experienced the issue, and i must be honest here, is gets you angry, to see your full credit removed for something you didn’t even subscribed to.

etisalat data deactivation

However, there is something you should know about, before i show you, how to unsubscribe from etisalat data plan, you should know this.

When you subscribe to any data plan on the Etisalat network, it’s set in such a way, that the plan automatically renew itself on its expiry date without asking you, as far as there is available balance on your simcard.

I may say here, that for those who have the money and wants this, it’s a good thing, and vice-versa too.

How to Cancel Etisalat Data Auto Renewal

I will go straight to the point. Before you’ll be able to deactivate this auto renewal feature for any data plan you subscribed to, you are required to dial the deactivation code *229*0# and you’ll be your Auto renewal will be deactivated.

Once you dial the above code, the data plan will no longer auto renew, and it does not matter where you’re using it, either your Modem, Android phone, Blackberry, etc.

Important Information

Please take note that if you do not want your current etisalat data plan to auto-renewal, You are required to deactivate it before the Data expiring date.

Another thing you should know, is that even if you deactivated your previous subscription, stopping it to auto renew, If you do a new subscription, you’ll be required to deactivate it again, SO to stop the new plan from been automatically renewed.

Finally, don’t forget that the Etisalat deactivation code is *229*0#.

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