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How to Enjoy Etisalat’s 4G LTE Service in Nigeria

Hello there to all Etisalat Nigeria users, You have certainly heard of the Etisalat 4g LTE service, right? And surely, you would love to get on the train, yes?

Well, unlike other services where you need to purchase another simcard or do a swap, when it comes to Etisalat, you don’t need to go through the stress. You do not need a sim swap to enjoy Etisalat’s 4G LTE Service, and here’s how to do it.

etisalat 4g lte

To all subscribers on the Etisalat Nigeria network, you’ll now have the option of experiencing superior customer experience with the introduction of the most anticipated 4G LTE service on the network, but what is even more important? All Subscribers will have to enjoy this service without needing to do a SIM Swap since all Etisalat SIMs are already LTE enabled. To other Networks, you can’t beat this. Etisalat is always prepared for the future. 😀

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Nigeria, Matthew Willsher has highlighted this difference between Etisalat and other telecommunications provider. The CEO shares differentiating factors when he announced the new service roll-out while disclosing what the 4G LTE offers every customer on the network.

Here is his words in quote;

 “Etisalat 4G LTE service is still offering seamless and superior customer experience through efficient broadband internet and uninterrupted connectivity to clearer voice calls. The etisalat network also provides the only GSM network whose subscribers do not need to swap their SIM cards before they can enjoy the 4G LTE, because all Etisalat SIM cards are already 4G enabled”.

Matthew Willsher also went on to add that the Etisalat’s 4G LTE network supports the widest range of devices so most subscribers can immediately begin to enjoy 4G LTE on Etisalat’s network without having to change devices or swap simcards.

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