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Subscription Code for Etisalat 20gb Data Plan

The reason why am writing this article today, was because of a question asked on “”, which asked for the 20gb data plan subscription code.

Here’s the question, which says:

What is the Code for etisalat 20gb data plan in nigeria?

Please admin, do you know the code to dial, to subscribe for the etisalat 20gb data plan in Nigeria and the amount?

You can find the Etisalat Internet Data Bundle Plans, subscription codes and internet bundle prices by Clicking Here.

Is All Simcard Qualified for This Data Plan?

Yes, all simcards are qualified and eligible to subscribe for this plan. But your sim must have been registered with the network.

Indeed, we all know that Etisalat is not a small player in the Nigerian Telecommunication. This network both have competitive and user-friendly internet data bundle plans for Users on PC, Mobile Phones, Tabs, etc.

etisalat 20gb Data Plan

Etisalat Internet Data Bundle Plans, Activation Codes & Prices in Full

Bundle Plan Price
Data Allowance
Validity Period USSD Code SMS to 229
Best for?
 Etisalat Monthly Plans N6,500 3GB 30 days *229*2*3# MB5 Computer (PC)
 Etisalat Monthly Plans N8,000 6GB 30 days *229*2*5# MB5 PC/Mi-Fi
Etisalat Monthly Plans N10,000 10GB 30 days *229*4*1# SM1 Mi-Fi/Hotspot
Etisalat Monthly Plans N15,000 15GB 30 days *229*4*2# SM2 Heavy users
Etisalat Monthly Plans N18,000 20GB 30days *229*4*3# SM3 Cafe/Home
Etisalat Night &Weekends N4,000 9pm–6am x Fri-Mon30 days *229*3*3# MB7 Working Class

Bonus Tips

You can check your data bundle balance by dialing *228#.
Please take note that all subscribed internet plans are auto-renewed on expiration unless you stop it. (How To Deactivate Auto Renewal of Etisalat Data Plan)

We’re wishing you the very BEST, and just in case, you encounter any problem, use the comment box to reach out to us.

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