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Girl Child Education In Nigeria Receives Boost with Etisalat Career Day in Kano State

Judging from recent reports in Nigeria, regarding the Child educational statistics, you discover that there is an alarming rate of children in Nigeria, especially in the northern part of the country, lacking educational background. This is one place that the wife of the presidency, Aisha Buhari vowed to tackle. Some of the most recent statistics has reveal that an increasing number of female children in Northern Nigeria don’t have access to education, while for those who reached Secondary school, they never made it to the Universities, no matter how cheap the tertiary institution fees is. Northern Nigeria is still operating with the 9th century mentality of Girl child been irrelevant to the society.

Girl child education

From the alarming stats, which shows that the girl child has a lower chance of attaining tertiary institution, the Nigeria’s youth centric telecommunications company, Etisalat is placing special emphasis on girl child education, and this is done through it’s specialized outreaches such as its Career Day, which the telecommunication giant organizes across the country to help in enlightening students and help them discover their interest and reach their full potential.

Tackling this issue head-on, the network decided to choose the Government Girl’s College, Dala in Kano State for the event. The Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Oyetola Oduyemi said that the school was chosen as part of the company’s contribution to reverse the twin problem of low enrollment of girls from Northern Nigeria schools, which also shows lack of interest to advance their education beyond secondary school, if they reach that, they’re privileged among their peers.

Girl child education in Nigeria

According to the Manager, who says and i quote;

“When students, especially the female students in Northern Nigeria, are not aware of the career options which is open for them out there, or when they lack a fully in-depth knowledge on what it takes to succeed in these areas/careers, then they are likely to make wrong career choices or decided to take the wrong path in life. With Career Counseling, Etisalat is out to make sure students nationwide have the required information to enable them choose appropriate career paths later in life,” Oyetola Oduyemi disclosed.

Also sharing their appreciation, the Government Girl’s College school authorities called the initiative introduced by Etisalat, as a major step towards solving one of the challenges the state faces in the education sector in Kano State, which is education of the girl-child.

Since the introduction of the Career Counselling Programme by Etisalat in 2010, the programme has so far, reached over Eight thousand (8,000) students at the secondary schools in the junior and senior levels across Nigeria with knowledge, which will help them make sound, positive and informed career decisions, which will push the country forward, and make these talented girls, Career oriented.

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